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We know that each patient is unique in understanding their needs and expectations. We carefully analyze each case and thanks to our professionalism, best surgical practices and the highest ethical sense, we achieve natural and satisfactory results in body, facial and aesthetic medicine procedures.
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Colombia
Committed to your health, beauty and well-being

Doctor Catherine Barón is a specialist in plastic surgery. She is focused on improving the quality of life of her patients through the implementation of a broad aesthetic and functional sense. Being a graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Barón has always had a high interest in academic and professional excellence, which have combined with her never ending quest of patient satisfaction, well-being, rigorous work ethic, and responsibility to fulfill expectations.

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Why choose us?

Our priorities are the satisfaction, well-being and accompaniment of our patients, working with ethics and responsibility to fulfill their expectations.
Before the procedure

Before the procedure

Follow ups from the beginning

It is necessary to carry out a complete medical assessment in order to establish which is the adequate treatment and ideal procedure for each patient. It must be taken into consideration the patient’s medical and personal history, as well as his or her own wishes and expectations.


Design of the treatment plan

An anthropometric and nutritional assessment will be carried out during the appointment. The treatment plan is designed, which includes the ideal moment to execute it and the necessary equipment and supplies.
After the procedure

After the procedure

Professional follow ups during your recovery

During the time of recovery, there will be permanent, professional follow ups to ensure the well-being of the patient.
Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control

Post surgery therapies

Management of therapies, according to the necesites of the patient, in order to optimize the quality of the results of the procedures and, thus, meet the patient’s expectations.
Plastic Surgery Colombia

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Calle 127 No. 20 - 16 Edificio Pluss 127, Office 417
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